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Purpose and Guidelines for BLIPs

Title: Purpose and Guidelines for BLIPs
Owner(s): James Lawton
Author(s): James Lawton
Status: ![Draft]
Created: 2020-02-18
License: BSD-2-Clause

Why BLIPs?

In order to standardize and collaborate on various common features in a scientific blockchain, bloxberg improvement proposals are issued. This is to ensure a high degree of compatibility and quality of the use cases developed for bloxberg.

These can include proposals such as modifications to the governance model, adjustments to the consensus algorithm, or standardization of specific contracts.

Working on BLIPs

All BLIPs are written in markdown and managed by the community via github version control in the BLIPS repository. The markdown content is than built and published by the maintainers with mkdocs.

In order to submit a BIP, simply fork the repository then add your EIP to the fork. Once finished, create a PR with a draft of the proposal which will then be assigned a number.

If you have some basic command line skills you can build and run the BLIPs website on your own computer. Make sure you have the Git and Python installed on your system and follow these steps on the command line:

git clone
cd blips
pip install -r requirements.txt
mkdocs serve


All BLIP documents can be found in the blips subfolder of this repository. The recommended editor for the markdown files is typora. If you have commit rights to the main repository you can deploy the site with a simple mkdocs gh-deploy.